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Crimson Online Teaching and Tutoring

With six years of online teaching experience, Crimson has perfected the art of engaging students through a computer screen with exceptional results

What we do

At Crimson, we engage the world’s best teachers and tutors in specific curricula to help students reach their high school and university admissions goals.

Our online learning removes the restrictions normally applied by: geography, time limitations for students (travelling to and from tutoring), the necessity for a tutor to visit their home, or even as in the current coronavirus climate, a concern as to gathering in classrooms or other populated spaces.

What we do - crimson education
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Our key tutoring programs

We understand that sometimes parents and students want instant help with an eye to extend at their leisure, which is why we would like to offer six new key tutoring programs as easy-to-order offerings. The programs are as follows:

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You can choose from IB, A Levels, AP, SAT/ACT/SAT II, Bespoke Curriculum or Extracurricular and Leadership mentoring or a combination of various elements.

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What makes Crimson students so successful?

At Crimson we have worked with 2,000+ students globally - many of whom are now studying at the world’s best universities including all Ivy Leagues, Oxford, Cambridge and more. Dedicated to the student experience, personalised engagement and app-tracked progress, we have invested in, and developed, the most advanced education technology available.

What makes Crimson students so successful
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Our tutors

Our tutors are hand chosen from a global pool of academic and teaching excellence. Our tutors include:

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