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Prep yourself with in-depth knowledge about the US/UK admissions process by joining our EXCLUSIVE webinars and events packed with invaluable insights from Crimson experts. Accelerate your journey to success today!


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Address: Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel, 17 Ton Duc Thang, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City

📍 Take the Admissions Test designed by international experts to assess your ability in English, Math and many more subjects 📍 Interview and chat with Peter Kim - the Global Admissions Officer and also the consultant for hundreds of students who got into Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, and many more 📍 Join a workshop conducted by admissions expertsWhat we’ll cover: - What it might take you to get into TOP US/UK universities. - What you can do this summer that helps level up your profile to impress the Admission Board. - How you can leverage the resources you have in Vietnam (schools, teacher, mentors, tutors, friends, etc.) to build the most outstanding profile. - Common pitfalls in applications and how to avoid them

Upcoming Webinars

Crimson Careers is partnered with global companies such as Uber, HSBC, PWC and Dentons to offer high school students internships and live careers training courses. Students who joined our internship and career mentoring program have been proven to achieve career skills such as: - Leadership - Creative problem-solving - Strategic communication - Financial planning Don’t miss out on your chance to learn about internship opportunities in Business, Finance, and Law that set you up for success in gaining admission to top universities and securing a successful career.✔️ Why a proper English knowledge preparation is needed before entering international high school programs? ✔️ What are the requirements to study A-Levels, IB, IGCSE or APs? ✔️ Why are English certifications not enough? ✔️ What can you do THIS SUMMER to accelerate your ENGLISH ability? ✔️ Why joining ESOL program at CGA can guarantee your access to international curriculums?What we will cover: ✔️ In-depth insights about current international curriculums in Vietnam ✔️ Which curricula and subjects admissions officers look for ✔️ How to maximize academic performance: high school curriculum, standardized testing, and other academic activities ✔️ How to choose the best subject combination for your university applications ✔️ Why starting early is the key to success and how CGA can helpHow can you, as an applicant from Vietnam, increase your chances of admission? Hannah Rowberry, Former Oxford Admissions Officer can tell you. Having worked as an admissions officer, she possesses insight into what makes a successful application and how universities make admissions decisions. She has a breadth of experience to draw upon about the community and academic life at Oxford, Cambridge and other universities across the UK. Join our webinar to discover insider knowledge on what will really move the needle - in your direction!✔️ What did successful CGA students do to get the offer letter from Stanford University, Columbia University, King's College, the London School of Economics, and New York University? ✔️ Why did they choose an online school like CGA to accelerate their profile? ✔️ Which subject combination help them explore their potentials? ✔️ What happens in a CGA class and how did our teachers and academic team support our students’ growth?

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Get your questions answered by an expert: **Nicole Teoh - Crimson’s Strategist** # 🎓 Nicole read History and Politics at the University of Oxford, where she graduated with First Class Honours. 👨‍🎓 As an admissions strategist with over seven years of expertise, she has guided more than 100+ students in gaining admission to top US and UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, UPenn, Northwestern and more.- Level up your candidacy - Ace your exams - Nail your application - A breakdown of medical school admissions requirements in the UK and Australia - Studying Medicine overseas, why you should consider both Australia and UK - Entrance exams: what you need to know and how to plan ahead - What you’ll need to secure an interview and how to crush your medical interview
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Speakers at our webinars come from all over the world. They have studied or worked at the best universities and are eager to demystify the journey into top universities as well as inspire you during these difficult times.

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