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US College Admissions Support We Help You Get Accepted to the Ivy League, Stanford, UCs and More

From Vietnam to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, UCs and more! Crimson helps YOU reach your ultimate US university admissions goals.
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Applying to top US universities is not a straightforward process - and is never easy!

With every passing year, competition from top applicants intensifies with acceptance rates to universities like Princeton and Stanford now sitting at all-time lows of only 4-5%

At Crimson, we understand what admissions officers the US’s best universities are looking for, and have supported students from around the world to gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more.

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We currently provide support for highschool students, applying to undergraduate programs!

If you're looking for support applying to postgrad, MBAs or the like, please drop us a call at (+84) 902 616 806 (our hotline).

From Vietnam to a top US university - HOW?

Every year, we send hundreds of Vietnam’s best and brightest students to the world’s top universities, like Stanford, Yale, UCLA, and beyond! For many of those students, the idea of studying at a world-class university was a far-off dream – in fact, some of them didn’t even know it was possible!

But what does it take to get in?

Great academics are an undeniable advantage, but they’re no longer enough to guarantee acceptance to a top university.

At Crimson, we help students maximise every aspect of their application, making sure they stand out above the tens of thousands of qualified applicants.

At Crimson, we offer:

Graduation Cap
Application Strategy

Our strategists have an accumulative 350 years experience in college admissions, many having made decisions in admission offices at Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford and more. We help you find the best fit school and get you there!

Top Extracurriculars

Our extracurricular support includes the building of complex capstone projects, high level research with college professors, internships with companies such as Uber, Amazon, Ferrari and more, and competitive summer programs in specific areas of interest.

Academic Acceleration

The depth of our top-scoring tutoring staff allows us to provide not just expert SAT and ACT tutoring, but extensive subject area support, including APs and A-Levels!

Essay Support

Our essay mentors guide students through the entire essay construction process for the personal statement and supplemental essays, including identifying effective topics, building a compelling narrative, and crafting highly specific answers to school-specific supplemental questions.

Why Should You Take Action Right Now?

A consultation is your first chance to discuss your future pathways with an admissions expert, where you will:

Ivy League
Understand TOP universities

Understand what it takes to get into top universities like the Ivy League, Oxbridge.

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Understand your application

Identify your strengths, weaknesses and what you can do now to build up your candidacy. We help to create a timeline on what you should do each year!

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Level up your application

Know how to take your application to the next level: how can you make it globally competitive?

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How Crimson can help you

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You Alone vs. You With Crimson

What's the difference between a Crimson student and a general student?

Crimson student US university offers

Crimson Vietnam Student Results

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How Our Students’ Results Compare!
UniversityGeneral Admissions RateCrimson Student Admissions Rate
Harvard University3.19%17%
Princeton University~4.0%22%
Yale University4.4%12%
Stanford University~4.0%12%
Columbia University3.7%29%
University of Chicago6.2%29%
University of Pennsylvania~4.7%32%
Duke University6.2%44%
Johns Hopkins University6.5%39%
Brown University5.5%29%
Northwestern University7.0%30%
Dartmouth College6.2%26%
Cornell University~8.7%21%
UC Berkeley~11.8%40%

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We have supported 6,000+ students gain admission to their target US universities. Will you be next?