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Secrets to Writing an Outstanding Admissions Essay

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Secret formula for crafting a standout admissions essay

Are you in high school and preparing for your admissions essay to nail world-leading universities like Harvard, Stanford, or MIT?

Admissions essay is no doubt a gateway for the admissions board to know about you as a person, and it could be a deciding factor whether you are accepted or not.

Learn how to craft an essay that showcases your strength, character, personal stories and guarantees you that acceptance letter!

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Meet Your Speaker

Lyn Han - US University Expert

Lyn graduated from the University of Chicago with an honoured Bachelor's degree in Political Science.

As a former alumni interviewer for the University of Chicago, and having worked in the admissions office while she was attending university, Lyn is uniquely qualified to deliver insights on the US admissions process.

Lyn's students have gone on to study at top universities such as Stanford, Cornell and the University of Chicago.



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What Lyn Han will cover

  • The power of storytelling and why your essay matters
  • What are some of your personal stories that can be used effectively in your essay?
  • Learn everything you need to know about brainstormingstructuring and refining your college essay!
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