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Guide To Building Your Own Capstone Project & A Global Leadership Profile

Read our ultimate guide on how to bring your project to an international level. Learn how to build impactful projects and level up your US application. Get the guide today!

Capstone Project eBook

Building A Global Leadership Profile

Do you know? Most students who get accepted to top US/UK universities build at least one personal project and scale it to an INTERNATIONAL level.

How can you do it?

Find the answer in our latest eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Building A Global Capstone Project.

Our eBook includes:

⭐ The importance of a capstone project to your child’s application

⭐ Steps to start building a global personal project

⭐ How to evaluate a capstone project

⭐ Example of capstone projects and extracurricular profiles of five students who got accepted to top 5 & top 25 US universities in the last cycle

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