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15 Successful Activities Lists from admits to the Ivy Leagues, Stanford and more

Download our new eBook to read 15 Common Application Activities Lists built by top university admits with the help of their Crimson mentors
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What does a successful Ivy League Activities List look like?

Constructing a meaningful Common Application Activities List is not easy. First you need to have 10 great activities or projects to talk about, and then you have to summarise your involvement in 150 characters! Here is just a taste of the wonderful array of successful Crimson student Activities Lists you can access in this special booklet.

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What you need to know about the Common App Activities List

The 'Activities' or extracurricular and leadership section of the US Common Application is a heavily weighted component that helps admissions officers decide whether or not a student will thrive at, and contribute uniquely and positively to, that university's campus. While grades are certainly important, your Activities List sheds a light on who you are beyond the classroom, and combined with your personal statement, acts as a strong determining factor as to whether or not you will be admitted.

What are you going to find in this ebook

The short answer is…lots!

The booklet will explain exactly why the already important Activities section of the Common App is becoming even more relevant in the admissions selection process.

The book also contains 5 Top Tips from Crimson senior strategist, admissions expert and Harvard graduate, Gabe Gladstein, on how to negotiate the character-limited Activities descriptions.

Next comes 15 examples of Activities Lists that helped Crimson students gain admission to Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Duke, UChicago, Brown, Dartmouth and many, many more.

See how our students built richly diverse activities lists, showcasing their own personal passions and achievements. Learn how to express your complex extracurricular involvement in under 150 characters!

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Meet Elaine, whose Activities List helped her gain admission to UChicago, UC Berkeley, NYU and more

Hear about Elaine's unique extracurricular project, "Storywish", an initiaitive that supported critically ill children by exploring their love for books.
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Meet Some Of Our Expert Crimson Strategists

Crimson’s expert strategists and mentors are graduates from the world’s best universities. As such, they know exactly how to craft Activities Lists which stand out above the competition.

Download your Activities List eBook now!

Read successful Activities Lists from admits to the Ivy League, Stanford and more!

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