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From Switzerland To Your Dream University!

You'll be 4x as likely to get into your target university with our tailored support across all aspects of your application.

What we do

We create custom programs for European students, with the services that you need to reach your goals - whatever they are! From SAT/ACT test prep and tutoring to strategy support and essay mentoring we are here to ensure you reach your dream university!

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Offers to Ivy League universities


Offers to Oxford & Cambridge


Offers to the top 50 US universities


Offers to the Top 10 UK universities

Why work with Crimson?

Applying to top universities is a difficult task which is why so many students seek external support.

Each of our programmes are tailored to the student and are delivered by a carefully selected team of mentors who provide focused support with every aspect of the process.

We are proud to say that students who work with us are up to 4x as likely to get into their dream university than those who apply alone.

By speaking to one of our Academic Advisors you can expect:

  • To discuss student/parent goals, as well as how Crimson can support across specific areas of candidacy enhancement
  • Detailed recommendations on which Crimson’s services would be beneficial to consider, including an outline of fees
  • Focused conversation around what to expect from a bespoke Crimson programme
FAQs: US & UK Admissions eBook

Why it's important to start as soon as possible

Did you know that how you perform in the last 4 years of school may affect your university admission chances? Top US universities ask for information on your achievements over your last 4 years at school so it's crucial to start developing your application strategy and let your personal brand shine through as soon as possible.

Time: applying to top US/UK universities requires knowing what's required and getting ready early.

Strategy: know when you should start on various elements of the application and which sections take time priority over others.

Knowledge: can you identify your best-fit university based on your grades, ambitions, interests and location?

Extracurricular activities: what are you currently doing and how can you expand upon your leadership candidacy and make a real difference in areas associated with your personal talents and passions?

Academics: know how you are tracking compared to others and what’s needed to gain admission to your dream university!

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Meet some of our Crimson mentors

Our mentors have studied at the universities our students aim for, some of them have even worked in the admissions office!

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