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Our Strategists

Strategists guide their students through the entire application process. From choosing the best universities for their academic goals and educational passions to making sure their entire application has an overarching theme. Most importantly, they understand what their students are going through as they have successfully navigated the process themselves.

Ahmad Alabed
Ahmad Alabed University of Michigan

Ahmad is person-driven about providing the best opportunities for his students, ensuring they get into their top fit programs.

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Anthony Halley
Anthony Halley Johns Hopkins University

Anthony's students have received offers from Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, LSE, NYU, and other top schools. He does his best to foster intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

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Julius ZR Wade
Julius ZR Wade Harvard University

In his previous work as a Harvard Admissions Office employee and current work as a Crimson US Strategist, he's helped students gain admission to Harvard and other top US schools.

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Kndeya Gebrewahed
Kndeya Gebrewahed Cornell University

Over the years, Kndeya has successfully advised students to go on and attend prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth.

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Megan Summers
Megan Summers Princeton University

Megan has 15 years of experience in education including 5 years at Crimson helping students gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Stanford, Duke, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and other competitive schools.

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Noah Mergendahl
Noah Mergendahl University of Wisconsin-Madison

10 years of experience in education, with past students accepted to Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, UChicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and many other top schools.

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Steve Han
Steve Han University of Chicago

Steve has been working in college admissions for over 8 years. While at UChicago, he interviewed senior applicants, read for applicants’ essays and was on the committee that made official admissions decisions for applicants.

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Suzanna Brown
Suzanna Brown University of Michigan

While working as a college counselor and mentor, Suzanna has helped her students secure offers to universities including Cambridge, Chicago, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, St Andrews, and UCL.

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Sya Le Roux
Sya Le Roux Yale-NUS College

Drawing on her experiences as an ECL mentor and writing tutor, Sya has supported her students’ applications to top universities in the US and Canada.

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Eddy Sidebotham
Eddy Sidebotham Cambridge University

Over three year’s experience in the education sphere in NGOs and education consultancies, Eddy has helped a number of students gain entry to top universities, including Cambridge.

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Jasmine Celtel
Jasmine Celtel University of Oxford

Jasmine is a driven strategist who prioritises student outcomes, long term goals and student welfare, aiming to maximise every student’s potential in the application process.

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Our Student Success Managers

SSMs are like case managers and are there to ensure the student's admissions journey goes smoothly. They oversee a student’s team allocation and ensure that they track well against their goals.

Local Management Team

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