US University Admissions

Applying to US universities is not a straightforward process.

With every passing year, competition from top applicants intensifies with acceptance rates to universities like Harvard, Princeton and Stanford now sitting at all-time lows of only 4-5%

At Crimson, we understand what admissions officers at the US’s best universities are looking for, and have supported students from around the world to gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more.

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Lifting your application above the competition

Crimson students are 4x more likely to gain an offer from an Ivy League university than the general applicant.

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Making their mark at the Ivy League

Year after year, Crimson helps students gain admission into all 8 Ivy League universities. Students who work with us are up to four times more likely to get an Ivy offer than the general applicant.

Our years of Ivy admissions experience is channelled into making our students’ applications stand out from the increasingly competitive crowd.

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How Crimson helps

Our expert teams of tutors, mentors and strategists help students:

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