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Join the world’s best educators, leaders and creators in a rapidly growing company to take your education and future career to the next level.

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Life at Crimson

We're dedicated, hard-working, and always looking for the best way to forge pathways of success for our students. A global organisation, with a 2,400 strong expert tutor and mentor network, at Crimson we live by our core mission to help every single student reach their ultimate university admissions goals. Our passionate staff, located in 20 different office location around the world, are inspired by our desire to revolutionise the experience of personalised education. Led by our students' hard work, talent and academic and athletics dreams, we take pride in their success and are honoured to play an on-going part in their educational and professional journeys.

Life at Crimson
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Crimson — doing what we love most

Educating, supporting and inspiring students are parents, every day, all over the world

At Crimson, our teams are privileged to be able to provide information and support to thousands of students and their families every single day. As the sun sets on one Crimson team’s day of meeting and working with their dedicated students. it is rising in another!

Being able to educate and inspire talented students who are passionate about their education and professional future is what makes our days so fulfilling. From the UK to the US, Korea to Kazakhstan, South Africa to Singapore, Thailand to Taiwan, Australia to the UAE, New Zealand to Vietnam, Russia, Japan, Canada, China or Brazil…we’re so proud to work — and celebrate — with thousands of students and eventual world leading university admits from 35 countries around the world.

Crimson team wins innovative human resources team award
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Crimson around the world

Crimson operates in 20 locations supporting students from 35 countries!
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Join the world’s best educators, leaders and creators!

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