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College Sports Recruitment

Crimson’s dedicated athletic department specialises in helping student-athletes with every aspect of their college sports recruitment campaign from identifying best fit programs to scholarship negotiation.

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Why Crimson?

Crimson's expert athletics team consists of former Ivy League coaches and successful college athletes who have experienced the recruitment process first hand. Unlike other sports consultancies, our program supports student-athletes with every element of their recruitment strategy and their Common Application.

Many of our athletes are rewarded with multiple athletic programs to choose from, placing them in the ideal position to negotiate scholarships.

Keep reading to find out how we work 1:1 with our student-athletes, providing them with the best chance possible to get recruited to their dream schools.

Athlete Recruitment

01. Our college athlete recruitment strategy

Every Crimson student-athlete is supported by an expert strategist who helps them build a detailed admissions strategy with pre-set goals.

Our experts help athletes to:

  • Build a personalised pathway, including extensive planning of their recruitment journey with timelines and athletic/academic goals.
  • Identify best-fit programs, targeting divisions and schools that best match the student’s athletic abilities, academic strengths, resource offerings and future goals.
  • Strengthen their academics and perfect their Common Application, lifting them above other athletes in the hotly contested recruitment field.

To learn more about what it takes to get recruited to some of the best college sports programs in the US, download our special College Sports Scholarship eBook!

01. University selection strategy
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02. Coach outreach

Our direct campaigning approach will put your candidacy information on the desk of all target coaches with real-time analytics to track which colleges have viewed your profile. Our support includes helping you stand out above the competition through comprehensive coach communication including the building of: + A tailored athletic portfolio, inclusive of your bio, athletic history, notable achievements and representative honours. + An athletic profile, including a full functional moving screen and biometric analysis of core movement patterns. + A coach communication strategy — connecting athletes directly with coaches who have, or most likely will, want to make contact.

03. College recruitment video

The production of a high quality video has become an essential component of the recruiting process. Which is why we will help you produce a video which showcases both your athletic skill and potential to improve in a high performance system.

Our recruitment video support includes:

  • Selection and editing of supplied in-competition footage highlighting specific aspects of your athletic abilities.
  • Supporting professional videography shot by our Crimson team.
  • Analysis and assistance in the transferring of full game footage as requested by prospective coaches.

Click on the link below to watch soccer player Josh’s successful recruitment video. Josh received multiple recruitment offers and decided to accept at Swarthmore.

01. University selection strategy
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04. NCAA compliance

Our athletics team will provide you with comprehensive support across all as aspects of eligibility, including regularly calculating your GPA, ensuring you maintain your amateur status and advising you on your school subject selection, making sure you meet all core course requirements. They will also help you register and navigate the NCAA's Eligibility Centre to ensure all your relevant academic and athletic information is supplied. To learn ore about our expert athletics team, you can read some of their biographies below!

05. Athletic scholarship negotiations

Finally, Crimson will help you navigate the complex process of scholarship negotiation - guiding you through the communication process and helping you secure the best financial aid package possible. Our team helps with:

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Ready to get started on your path to athletic recruitment?