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The SAT Mastery Course

Our industry-leading course relies on top experts, sophisticated tracking and digital analysis. Leave nothing to chance.

Our Unique Mastery Course Secures you the Edge

Our unique programme developed by the most elite Harvard graduates, literature PhDs and renowned SAT tutors from around the world consists of…

  • Personal 1-on-1 online tutoring with top Ivy League students and graduates
  • Original, unique and challenging practice tests to give you the edge
  • Full breakdown and digital analysis of your strengths and weaknesses with our cutting edge Edutech approach
  • You get the score you need the first time with constant tracking and progress reports
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The SAT Mastery Course is delivered in five key units:

Our students receive one-on-one tutoring with an SAT expert from Crimson’s global network of tutors, connected by Google Hangouts or Zoom, and with instantaneous communication and feedback through Crimson’s app messaging features.

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How does Crimson personalise my service so that I know I'm on track with goals?

Just as US colleges value diversity of talents and interests on campus, at Crimson we value the individual needs of each and every one of our students. That is why your SAT Mastery Course uses a unique Progress Tracking System that will:

  • Provide you with practice questions and instant feedback from your tutor.
  • Follow each session with tailored exercises to solidify the progress with each session.
  • Nothing will slip through the cracks with our constant testing, which gives you instant grading, breaks down question types and provides detailed explanations.
  • Using this data, tutors will focus on your areas for improvement to make your study time as efficient and as effective as possible.
  • Understand exactly how you are tracking to achieve your goals!

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