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A Complete Guide To ✨The John Locke Essay Competition✨

Join our exclusive info session if want to find out more about the John Locke Competition and what it takes to enter an award-winning essay. Session 1: 5 PM (GMT-0) Feb 24th Session 2: 3 AM (GMT-0) Feb 25th

Are you ready to make a mark in the prestigious John Locke Essay Competition?

Join us for an exclusive information session that unveils the secrets to success in this renowned competition.

During this enlightening info session, you will:

📚 Discover what the John Locke Essay Competition is all about and why it's a golden opportunity for aspiring writers.

🎓 Uncover the winning strategies and techniques to ace the competition and stand out from the crowd.

🌐 Engage with experts who have excelled in the competition and get valuable tips on crafting an impressive essay.

🤝 Q&A…and so much more!

The John Locke Essay Competition is your gateway to excellence, and we invite you to a special information session to guide you on the path to success!

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Meet the Speaker

Benjamin Goldstein

  • A Fulbright Scholar, a graduate of Oxford, Columbia, and Cambridge
  • A former head coach for the Concord Review history journal
  • Has personally overseen essay submissions by many past John Locke winners
  • Extensively working with hundreds of students over the past five years tutoring students in historical research and writing skills
Benjamin Goldstein
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What is the John Locke Essay Competition?

The John Locke essay competition is a famous, worldwide essay competition. Winners and honorably mentioned individuals in this competition have gone on to Oxford, Princeton, and other Ivy Leagues.

Even getting an honorable mention, not to mention achieving a top 3 spot in the competition, is an incredible addition to your admissions profile, recognized by admissions officers from Harvard to Stanford and beyond as one of the most prestigious achievements possible for a high school student!

Crimson Students’ Success

Every year we celebrate our students’ outstanding results in this highly competitive essay competition. Working with their dedicated mentors, they submit work that has already been shortlisted with numerous student recipients of the major prize(s).

From Law to Economics to History, our students have been shortlisted across numerous categories with a special mention for junior prize winners (Crimson Rise students!) from across the US, Asia, and all over the world.

In 2023, a 35% Global Shortlist Rate in comparison to the global average of < 10% was achieved after taking our most recent John Locke Essay Competition Masterclass!

Benjamin Goldstein

Ready to join?

Sharpening your writing skills and boosting your chances of success in the John Locke Essay Competition!

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