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Get to know some of the experts who will help you gain admissions to your dream university in the US/UK!

Our Strategists

Strategists guide their students through the entire application process, from choosing the best universities for their academic goals and educational passions to making sure their entire application has an overarching theme. Most importantly, they understand what their students are going through as they have successfully navigated the process themselves.

Abbigail Colwyn
Abbigail Colwyn Oxford University

Abbi has extensive experience working with Oxbridge professors and helping students and helped them gain offers to all G5 schools and top Russell Group universities.

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Alex Hui Bon Hoa
Alex Hui Bon Hoa New York University

Within two application cycles, Alex has helped students not only achieve acceptances to top-tier US universities but also receive financial aid packages/scholarships.

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Brenda Huang
Brenda Huang Cornell University

Brenda's students have gotten accepted into Columbia, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Penn, NYU, USC, and more. She also serves as an alumni interviewer for Cornell.

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Ed Gibb
Ed Gibb Oxford University

Ed draws on his experience in mentoring, tutoring, and teaching and has helped many students gain places to study at top Russell Group and G5 universities.

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Evelyn Wu
Evelyn Wu Oxford University

Evelyn has helped many aspiring medics successfully gain admission into top UK medical schools including Cambridge, UCL, Glasgow, Birmingham and more.

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Hannah Rowberry
Hannah Rowberry Cambridge University

Hannah is a former Admissions Officer from the University of Oxford, where she supported applicants from all over the world through the application process.

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Laila Soudi
Laila Soudi UC Berkeley

Laila wears multiple hats in higher-ed: Strategist helping talented students gain admission into top US colleges & Program Founder at Stanford Medicine.

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Lyn Han
Lyn Han University of Chicago

As a Former Alumni Interviewer, Lyn's students have successfully gained admissions to Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, NYU, and other US top universities.

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Mason Hill
Mason Hill UC Santa Barbara

With Crimson, Mason has guided students to top universities in the US: Columbia, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, NYU, and many more.

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Nicole Teoh
Nicole Teoh Oxford University

Nicole's students have won admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, and each year, more than ten of her students win admission to Oxford and Cambridge.

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Sanusha Sritharan
Sanusha Sritharan University of Cambridge

Sanusha has worked with students applying to a diverse range of majors, including Economics, Chemical Engineering and Medicine, across the APAC region.

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