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Brenda graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in Psychology and Economics then she went on to receive her Master’s in Management (Marketing) at Cornell University. Brenda has worked with students in a variety of education systems including IB, AP, A-Levels, and other local curriculum in Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong, Canada, etc. Her students have gotten accepted into Columbia, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, UCs, Penn, NYU, USC, Michigan, Wellesley, Wesleyan and more. She also serves as an alumni interviewer for Cornell and enjoys talking with prospective students.

Having witnessed the growth of many students entering into college and beyond, Brenda wants to help young students find their passion and let their individuality and authenticity shine on their applications. Understanding that college preparation could be a very competitive and daunting process, Brenda aims to help students enrich their profiles early, strengthen their core academic skills, and empower students for collegiate success.