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From Oxford to Cambridge, UCL to LSE, Crimson students have the highest global admissions success rate to the UK Top 10 and more.

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Why are Crimson's UK applicants so successful?

Applying to top UK universities is an extremely competitive process, which is why our UK consulting support focuses on providing students with expert, individualised and highly informed support in every aspect of their applications. Our support includes:

  1. Matching every student with a team of supporters who are graduates from Oxbridge and other top UK universities
  2. Addressing every part of the UCAS application in detail - from test prep to personal statements, extracurriculars to interview prep
  3. Providing oversight by former Oxbridge admissions officers
  4. Sharing years of inside UK admissions consulting knowledge unavailable elsewhere

Read on to find out how our UK/Oxbridge admissions support works.


01. University selection strategy

Our experts are former Oxbridge admissions officers and top UK university graduates who will help you compile the perfect UCAS application list based on criteria such as:

  • ranking per course per uni
  • the nature of these courses at each university
  • the application criteria and admissions rates
  • which campus/location may be the best fit for you

With only 5 UCAS choices and a plethora of options, having an expertly planned strategy around that selection is paramount to your admissions success.

Want to learn mote about the UK’s best universities? Download our free Breaking Down the UK Top 10 eBook here!

01. University selection strategy
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02. UK entrance exam tutoring

Crimson’s UK entrance exam tutors have a wealth of experience in supporting students to perform at their absolute best in tests such as the: + Medical Admissions Tests - BMAT/UCAT + Law Admissions Tests - LNAT and CLT + Thinking Skills Assessment - TSA + Mathematics Aptitude Test - MAT and more A student's admissions test results can determine whether or not they proceed to that all-important interview, which is why our tutoring focus on preparation and strategy.

UK Entrance exam

03. Extracurricular and Leadership (ECL) mentoring

Our extracurricular mentors help students to enhance their application by undertaking, completing, and reflecting upon a range of impressive activities related to their chosen area of study.

Working 1:1 with their mentors, our students develop profiles that demonstrate:

  • High academic passion and engagement
  • Impressive knowledge of relevant topics, industries, and/or professions
  • Their ability to communicate and reflect upon their individual experiences
01. University selection strategy
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04. Personal statement and essay support

Crimson’s UK essay mentors are Oxbridge or other top UK university graduates who have not only aced the personal statement themselves, but have worked with hundreds of Crimson students who have been admitted to some of the most competitive courses in the world — including Oxbridge medicine and law. Want to see what a successful — or rather 8 successful — UK personal essays look like? Download this free booklet on Successful UK Personal Statements written by Crimson students accepted to courses such as Oxford Law, Cambridge Economics and more.

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05. Interview preparation

Our interview mentors prepare students at length for this final, important part of the UK application process.

Crimson’s support is unique in that every student works with several interview tutors allowing them to practice with different interview styles and questions. Our mentors focus on a student’s:

  • communication skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • adaptability
  • independent thinking and
  • engagement

For some expert insight as to how to ace your Oxbridge interview, check out this blog written by former Crimson student and Oxford Law admit Lina.

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06. Teacher reference letters

At Crimson our experts understand how these specific letters of recommendation should be written and can help teachers structure references that highlight a student’s:

UK teacher recommendation letters should be focused on your performance in a class that relates to your chosen area of study.

For example, if you are applying to Cambridge Economics it would be best to receive a letter from your Economics teacher not, let’s say, your French or art teacher!

We help students and teachers negotiate the submission of these letters to the specific institutions.

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