Ivy Day 2023: Everything You Need To Know And Expect

27/02/202314 minute read
Ivy Day 2023: Everything You Need To Know And Expect

In the competitive world of college admissions, Ivy Day holds a special significance for students aiming to get into an Ivy League university. Ivy Day is when the eight Ivy League schools release their regular decision admissions results to the hopeful students who have applied. This blog will look at what Ivy Day is when it occurs, and what to expect on this big day. We'll also discuss the history of Ivy Day and the emotions students may feel after receiving their results, and tips on what to do next.

What is Ivy Day?

Ivy Day is when students discover if they’ve been accepted to an Ivy League university. It’s the day all eight Ivy League schools, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, U Penn, and Yale, release admissions results to the regular decision applicants. All of the Ivy League schools announce the results online simultaneously.

History of Ivy Day

Originally, “Ivy Day” was an annual ceremony held at some schools in the Northeastern part of the United States, including Ivy League universities. On this day, schools place an ivy stone on a residential or administrative building to honor academic excellence.

This ceremonial event was also known as planting the ivy. Sometimes the stones are decorated with the graduation date and a symbol representing that year’s class. For Ivy League students, Ivy Day is an important day to honor the tradition of academic excellence.

The day all eight Ivy League schools release their regular admissions decisions is called Ivy Day. Since the Ivy League schools share similar educational philosophies, they also determined it best to share their admissions decisions on the same day.

When is Ivy Day?

Ivy Day typically occurs in late March or early April every year. Ivy Day 2023 will occur on March 30, 2023.

Ivy Day 2022 fell on March 31, 2022. Like last year, in 2023, the Ivies received a record number of applications. This unusually higher number of applications was likely due to the schools’ test-optional policies.

If you applied for early decision or early action, you should have already received your Ivy Decision in December or January, depending on the school.

Early Decisions for the class of 2027 are out! Find out how students around the world did!

What time do Ivy decisions come out?

All eight Ivy League schools announce results on the same day, around 5 pm EST or 7 pm EST.

Ivy Day Over the Years
2023Thursday, March 305pm ET
2022Thursday, March 317pm ET
2021Tuesday, April 67pm ET
2020Thursday, March 267pm ET
2019Thursday, March 285pm ET
2018Wednesday, March 287pm ET

Since all the schools release results on the same day and simultaneously, students often report website crashes and long loading periods. If you encounter this problem, consider walking away from your computer for a short time.

Take a walk. Then, try again. This day can be exciting but also stressful. Staring at a frozen screen isn’t going to help the problem, so if you wait for it to clear up, you’ll have more success and less stress!

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What to do after Ivy Admissions Day

After hearing your Ivy League decision results, you’re bound to have many emotions. If accepted, you’re probably feeling relief, excitement, and a little nervous.

Alternatively, if you’re waitlisted, you may feel hopeful but unsure of what needs to happen next. Students who are rejected from their top schools may feel disappointed or frustrated.

Whatever happens on this day, remember you still have lots of options. Here’s a breakdown of each potential outcome after Ivy Day.

Ivy Day Decisions

You Got Accepted

Congratulations! Top Ivy League schools only accept about 4% of applicants. Before you eagerly respond, take a moment to think about your next steps. Evaluate the school’s financial aid package and consider all other acceptance offers. If you’re still 100% sure you want to attend this school, reply with an enthusiastic YES.

If you’re not entirely sure this school is your dream school, you may want to wait to hear from the other schools, both in and out of the Ivy League, that you applied to. To help you make your decision, consider trying the following:

  • Make a pro and con list of schools that accepted you.
  • Think about what you hope to gain from your college experience.
  • Talk to your family about financial aid.
  • Reach out to former or current students and see what they like or dislike about their school.
  • Tour the campuses that you’re most interested in attending

Once you decide, formally accept the offer, and don’t forget to decline offers from all other schools that accepted you. Also, remember to send in your deposit on time. Most Ivy League schools ask for the deposits around May 1. Check with the college you were accepted to for the exact date.

You Were Waitlisted

While wait listed doesn’t mean rejected, it can be one of the most stressful answers because it leaves you in limbo. If you know the waitlisted school is the one you want to attend and you’re willing to wait it out, you need to tell the school immediately. Write a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) to the school’s specific regional admissions officer.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you write your LOCI:

  • If school is your first choice, say it in the letter.
  • Stay positive.
  • Express gratitude for being considered.
  • Give specific reasons why you think you’ll be successful at that school.
  • Talk about anything that has changed since you applied. Maybe you have a higher GPA or won an award or honor?

It’s important to not repeat information from your application and limit the letter to one page.

Additionally, if you are on your top school’s waitlist, you should strongly consider your second-choice school since you might now receive an admissions decision right before the school year starts.

Make a deposit on your second-choice school, so you have a confirmed spot for the fall semester if you don’t get into your waitlist school. If you get into your waitlist school, you’ll likely lose your deposit, but you’ll be in your first-choice school!

You Were Rejected

If you don’t get into your first-choice school or any of the Ivy League schools, it’s ok to feel disappointed, sad, or angry. But the sooner you can move on from the rejection, the sooner you move forward to another great school! The Ivy League is so competitive, and many of the brightest students in the world do not get accepted.

In fact, approximately 96% of applicants who apply to Harvard, Princeton, or Yale do not get in! That means the Harvard admissions rates and Yale admissions rates are only about 4%!

The good news is that there are so many great colleges not in the Ivy League. If you apply to reach, target, and safety schools, you’ll have options. If you got accepted into your second-choice school and you’re sure you want to attend, accept it! If not, choose a school that accepted you!

There’s so much to get excited about on and off-campus. Research the school, extracurricular activities, courses, and surrounding area. Tour in person, ask questions, talk to current and former students about why they like the school.

Want to connect with the Class of 2027 and get real-time results on Ivy Day? College Confidential is your source for all the Ivy Day updates and results. Check out their Ivy Day Hub, and stay up to date on trending discussions about Ivy League Schools.

Final Thoughts

The Ivy League universities are some of the best schools in the world. It’s no wonder so many students apply to these prestigious universities. Regardless of the outcome of your application, students have a variety of options and resources available to help them make their next steps. Whether you are accepted, waitlisted, or rejected, remember to take the time to carefully consider all of your options before making a decision. Ultimately, Ivy Day is a day to celebrate academic achievement and the pursuit of higher education.

If you’re interested in getting into Ivy League schools, Crimson Education can help! Our admissions advisors understand everything about the Ivy League. They can help you choose classes and extracurriculars that pair well with your future major and answer any questions you have about the Ivy League application process. Schedule a free consultation with an admissions counselor today.

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