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At Crimson, we are incredibly proud of the thousands of students we have supported in gaining admission to these top universities and more. Want to learn more? Check out our students’ success rates below!

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We've helped thousands of students around the world get into top US, UK, and EU universities.

At Crimson, all of our students are guided by their strategist to build a college application list containing safety, target, reach and even extreme reach schools.
Working with Crimson over time, our students find that the schools they once thought were unattainable are now real possibilities.

Record Breaking App Year 23/24 Crimson Results So Far
Top US UniversityAdmission Results from Crimson Students
Princeton University21
Massachusetts Institute of Technology9
Harvard University21
Stanford University37
Yale University22
University of Pennsylvania48
California Institute of Technology1
Duke University30
Brown University34
Johns Hopkins University27
Northwestern University29
Columbia University46
Cornell University (New York)48
University of Chicago20
University of California, Berkeley50
Rice University15
Dartmouth College15
Vanderbilt University19
University of Notre Dame9

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