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Why Crimson CIE tutoring?

Crimson tutors have recently completed the CIE curriculum and know exactly what you need to do to ace each of the papers and increase your chances of getting into your dream university.

Our tutors have achieved A* grades and many have been awarded Top in Country or Top in World Awards.

Your hand-picked tutor will give you a comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations of CIE papers, ensuring you go into your exams confident and with a high performance exam strategy.

What is the CIE?

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is a globally recognised high school curriculum run out of the UK that is offered in 10,000 high schools in 160 countries around the world.

There are 55 subjects split across nine categories: English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages, Humanities, Technology, the Arts, and General Studies.

CIE offers open subject selection, which means you have the freedom to choose based on what you’re interested in and what your school offers.

Why take the CIE?

CIE qualifications are accepted by all UK universities (including Oxford and Cambridge), 450 US universities (including Stanford, MIT and all of the Ivy Leagues) and many other universities around the world.

It’s particularly beneficial to take CIE if you want to study in the UK, as it’s their standard curriculum and trains you for the depth of study required at UK unis.

However, US universities also value a CIE qualification, with many offering course credit for high scores.

How are CIE Exams Scored?

CIE exams are hard, but the scoring process is relatively simple.

You’ll receive a percentage mark for each subject, and If you do well enough to pass, you’ll also receive a grade between A and E.

CIE uses scaling to ensure fairness for all. If one of your subjects is “harder” and you do well, your mark will be slightly scaled up as recognition of the extra difficulty.

If you are unhappy with your results, you can re-sit your papers in the following exam session.

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Riley C.
University of Auckland

Riley achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades at A Level and was awarded Top in NZ for IGCSE Business Studies. He achieved the NZQA Outstanding Scholar Award and is a nationally-awarded musical composer.

Zachary W.
University of Auckland

Zachary earnt 3 A* grades at A Level and was awarded Top in NZ for AS Mathematics. He was a recipient of a NZQA Outstanding Scholar Award, with an Outstanding Scholarship in Statistics.

Jamie B.
Harvard, Stanford

Jamie completed 10 A Level subjects with 8 A-stars and 2 As as Dux of King’s College. He scored Top in the World in A Level English Literature, Top in New Zealand in A2 Business Studies (self-studied) and Top in the World IGCSE English Literature.

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