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Personalized College Application Assistance

Crimson is the world's leading US, UK, EU and Postgrad admissions counselors. Our student's disproportionately high rate of success is due to our unique model which teams students with Ivy/Oxbridge & other top university graduate experts who work with them 1:1 to perfect every part of their application

Crimson takes you inside the admissions office!

At Crimson, our strategists, tutors and mentors are former Ivy League, Stanford, Oxbridge and other top school graduates and/or former admissions officers.

Our consulting offers comprehensive support for:

  • US university admissions
  • UK university admissions
  • EU university admissions
  • Postgraduate admissions (US and UK)

— with many of our students faced with the wonderful dilemma of having to choose between Oxford or Stanford, Cambridge or Yale.

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