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The West Coast US Colleges Tour 2024!

Embark on one of the most exciting educational tours of 2024! Explore the USA's West Coast universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech and other US universities in-person, take part in tailored strategy workshops and educational bootcamps, go behind the scenes at global companies and visit iconic US landmarks like Alcatraz Island, Griffith Observatory, Intel Museum, The Getty Centre and more!

Start Date: 8th July 2024

Application Due: 1st May 2024


11,200 AUD

What's included?

Read through the informational booklet below to see what's included on this once-in-a-lifetime experience for Australia's most ambitious students!

The BEST way to experience West Coast universities as an ambitious Australian student!

See sites you've only dreamed about, meet people standing where you hope to one-day stand and venture deeply inside the top universities in the world.

Apply to take part in the West Coast US Colleges Tour 2024 today!

Successful applicants will:

  • Visit top universities like Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Caltech, USC and more!
  • Take part in tailored educational bootcamps with Crimson strategists to learn the ins and outs of applying to top US universities
  • Explore the sites that the USA has to offer including guided visits to; Silicon Valley, The Intel Museum, Alcatraz Island, The Griffith Observatory and more
  • Make lifelong friends with ambitious students from around Australia & the world!

📅 Applications Close Wednesday 1st May

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