10 Reasons & Benefits Of Studying Abroad

27/09/20229 minute read
10 Reasons & Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is said to be the best and most life-changing experience for a young adult. From building a global network before kick-starting your career to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to your career and education are significant. Not only that it is the first experience you get to be fully independent.

Within the last 25 years, the number of students earning a degree outside of their home country has tripled. In our increasingly globalized world, studying abroad is now more important than ever. Here we list the top 10 reasons to study overseas:

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1. Get a broader range of study options to choose from

When you study abroad, you will usually get a broader range of subjects and majors to choose from. International universities, be it in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, usually offer various subjects.

So if you are interested in studying something not commonly found in your home country or working with professors who are pioneers in their field, studying abroad is a great option.

A lot of foreign universities also allow you to mix and match subjects as well. This means that you could major in a science or math subject while taking literature or social science subjects.

2. Make yourself more employable

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Many companies prefer hiring graduates who have studied abroad as it reflects how you deal with various people and cultures. It also shows future employers that you are flexible, culturally aware, and have a basic understanding of handling yourself in a global workplace.

These days most offices have a variety of people working together, so it is essential to demonstrate to your employer that you will be able to handle a diverse workplace.

So if you want to get your degree while gaining some crucial experiences, then studying abroad is the right choice.

3. Gain language skills

If you want to study a foreign language and become fluent in it, then studying abroad in a country where the language is used is the best way to go about it. Immersing yourself in a foreign language can help you learn the language faster and get the cultural norms correct.

Even if you are not a native English speaker, studying abroad can help you become more confident in using the language both for speaking and writing academically.

This will be an essential skill as you move into the workforce. Strong communication skills are one of the most necessary skills to have for networking, making friends, finding a job you love, and studying abroad can help with all these.

4. Gain a global perspective

Studying abroad can help you gain perspective on your place in the world.

When you leave home and enter a university abroad, you will meet many new people from different parts of the world. Maybe this will help you understand your role as a global citizen and what you can do to establish your place in the world.

Studying abroad can also help you rethink what career you want to pursue beyond university or become inspired to start a social enterprise and save the world.

You never know, you could be the hero the world is begging for, and without studying abroad, you would remain unaware of your global significance.

5. Learn to live independently

Studying abroad is a big life decision. It's just you stepping out into the world, becoming an adult. This may be life's first challenge for you, so it's time to grab it by the scruff of the neck and make your mark!

Traveling can help you gain confidence, independence, strength, determination, and respect for yourself and the world around you. I don’t know how travel does this, but it does. It's almost magical.

The equation is relatively simple: experience new cultures, push your boundaries, and watch yourself grow. Upon returning home (if you ever want to), you will find it easy to be yourself, take control of life and start kicking career goals!

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6. Meet new people and make friends

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An international university is a perfect place for you to meet a variety of new people and make some friends. If you have spent a lot of time in high school studying or doing your extracurriculars, you might not have a lot of friends.

At university, you will meet a host of new people and make a variety of friends who you can cherish for the rest of your life. Plus, living together in residence halls at university and sharing everyday experiences can build lifelong bonds that will last across countries and time.

Meeting new people can also help you gain a better understanding of not only other cultures but also give you a perspective on your own culture from a different perspective.

7. Experience the perks of traveling as a student

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Most university students can access a lot of perks with their student ID cards. In places like New York and London, that can mean cheaper meals, theater tickets, free entry to museums, and a wide range of other benefits.

In many countries, a student ID can also get you to lower train and airfares, which can help you travel much cheaper. So if you want to see the world, studying abroad can help you achieve that dream while getting your degree.

8. Eat all the good food!

Reason 5

Studying abroad means access to a whole new culinary culture. Even if you are not an avid foodie, experiencing new food items can be very exciting.

Places like the US and UK are cultural melting pots and have a lot of restaurants selling authentic food from different countries.

You could eat most world cuisines in New York or London at affordable rates. So if you are interested in exploring cultures through food, then studying abroad would be a great way to start.

9. Enjoy coming home

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. This might sound odd, but leaving your home can help you appreciate it more.

Moving far away can make you miss things you won’t find in your new environment. It might be something as simple as a home-cooked meal or something like music or sights.

So if you want to appreciate your home more, go ahead and leave so you can miss it a little!

10. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Unfortunately, all the clichés about only being young once are true. While the opportunity to travel will always be there, the opportunity to study abroad may never be available to you again.

This may be your one chance to live and study in a different country. Grab life with both hands and explore the world before you get bogged down in a full-time job and life’s impending adult responsibilities.

Make new friends, experience the world, try fresh foods, and get a world-class degree. Go on, make your move; life is awaiting you.

Final Thoughts

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