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The Ultimate Top US University Admissions Guide for Philippine Students

Calling all international and IB/A Level students in the Philippines. As part of our Global US & UK Admissions Tour, our Former Stanford Admissions Officer will be visiting the Philippines to guide students get into the leading US universities.

April 1, 2024 (Monday)

7PM-8PM Manila Time

Aruga by Rockwell, Makati


Secrets from the US Admissions' Room with a Former Harvard Interviewer and Former Stanford Admissions Officer

If you are a G9-G11 student in the Philippines wanting to study in a top US university, this is for you!

Register now for our exclusive, free, in-person event to learn winning strategies for the US university admissions game!

April 1, 2024 | 7PM-8PM | Aruga by Rockwell, Makati

  • Get ahead of the competition in your top US university application by gaining valuable insights, insider knowledge, and proven strategies
  • Discover the latest updates and trends in the US admissions landscape
  • Receive expert guidance on how to stand out in crucial criteria such as extracurriculars, personal narrative development, and essay writing
Harvard, Stanford

Register now for this free, in-person event and kickstart your journey to top US universities!

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Ready to unlock your potential and gain acceptance to the top US & UK universities?

Register now to our first 'Getting In: The US & UK Admissions Series' and take your university journey to the next level!

The event is a ‘must attend’ for students aiming at Stanford, Oxford, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, UCLA, UCL and more.

Our expert speakers will give you the edge you need to stand out and succeed in the competitive world of college admissions. Don't let the challenge hold you back - take the first step towards your dream today!

Learn How to Craft a Standout Application

Receive expert guidance and advice on how to create a competitive university application and stand out from other applicants

Insights from Former Admissions Officers & Experts

Gain insights and knowledge about the US & UK university admissions process from former insiders and experts

Latest Admissions Trends & Analysis

Discover the latest updates and trends in the US & UK university admissions landscape

Perspective of an international applicant

Learn the specific challenges and concerns that international students face in the US & UK university admissions process and how to overcome them

Meet your profile reviewer


Aidan CadleyBased in Austin, Texas, Aidan gained his BA in English Language and Literature from Tulane University and his Ed.M in Education, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Aidan worked as an interviewer and app reader at Harvard, and an Admissions Officer at Tulane University. Aidan has helped scores of students gain admission to the Ivy League and multiple other schools in the US Top 20, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Dartmouth and Columbia.

While at Harvard, he co-founded a non-profit organization that worked with rising juniors and seniors in Boston, to provide free college application and essay writing workshops. Through his organization, he helped over 200 students achieve their collegiate goals.


Meet your speaker

Daniel Chung

Former Admissions Officer at Stanford University

Daniel served as an Undergraduate Admissions Officer at Stanford, Rice, and Swarthmore College where he reviewed over 8,000 applications!

Daniel also led group travel events to the Ivy League schools including Brown, Columbia, and Harvard, where he developed an expertise for top university admissions.

Since then, Daniel has joined Crimson Education and supports students in building a strong academic profile, writing confident essays, and becoming fully equipped to ace their application.

Daniel’s students have gone on to gain acceptances to Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, McGill, and many more top universities.

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Learn how to increase your chances of getting into a top US university

Hear from Crimson Global Academy's Admissions Officer, Peter Kim, on how to excel in your US university application.

He will be offering complimentary one-on-one sessions for those seeking to elevate their application to a higher level.

He has advised over 1000+ families on academic planning and competitive admissions strategies, and his past students have been accepted into all 8 Ivy League universities, Stanford, MIT, as well as Oxford, Cambridge, and more

CGA Pete
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About Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world's leading college admissions consultancy, helping students gain admission to top universities such as the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UC Berkeley, and UCLA at a rate 4.5 times higher than the general applicant rate. Founded in 2013 with a vision to equalise the university admissions playing field, Crimson Education serves as a launch pad, — equipping students worldwide to overcome barriers of geography and legacy to compete on the global stage.


Of our students have received offers from the Ivy League including 77 offers to Harvard, 62 to Princeton, 81 to Yale, 121 to Columbia, 193 to UPenn, 104 to Brown, 50 to Dartmouth, and 108 to Cornell.


Of our students have received offers to the US Top 10 including 102 to Stanford, 116 to Duke, 93 to Northwestern, 66 to UChicago, 71 to Johns Hopkins, and 30 to MIT.


Our students have received offers from schools in the US Top 50 including 2000+ offers to UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University, Rice, Vanderbilt, the University of Southern California and many more.\


Of our students have received offers to Oxford or Cambridge — including to the most competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Economics and Management, PPE, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

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