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Can somebody please explain NCEA Micro Credits, as I’m thinking about doing a YES business through the Young Enterprise in my free time as an extracurricular. What weight would having Micro Credits and doing a YES business in my free time outside school hold for my extracurricular profile to universities the likes of Stern, Wharton, Columbia etc?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Stay tuned - answer coming soon!


Looking forward to it!


Great to hear that you are thinking of doing YES. Many students choose to YES as a vehicle by which they go for Business Studies Achievement Standards. However, for those that do not wish to pursue these, or are doing YES as an extra-curricular activity, you can look at microcredentials instead. The YES training scheme is registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and valued at 24 credits at Level 3. Those students completing the YES training scheme will receive a YES micro-credential.

Although the YES training scheme is valued at 24 credits at level 3, the assigned equivalent credit value towards the NCEA is 10 equivalent credits.

The YES micro-credential will automatically appear on the students’ Record of Achievement.

Additional Notes:

  • All YES students are eligible for the micro-credential, regardless of whether they are doing YES in class or as an extra-curricular activity or if they achieve any other standard.
  • If a student completes YES multiple times, they will only receive the micro-credential once.
  • Students cannot “double dip” with Achievement Standards – so if the student gets NCEA credits for Business Studies Achievement Standards 3.4 or 3.6, they do not also receive micro-credentials.

Finally - if you are making applications, YES is a great way of showing a broader experience in addition to any academic achievements. Make sure you talk about the real-life experiences and learnings you get from doing YES. If you are talking to anyone in the US who is not familiar with Young Enterprise, you can make reference to the fact that it is a NZ programme but is similar to a US programme known as Junior Achievement.


Thank you for explaining this to me in detail - I appreciate it.

Yes, as you say I do believe YES will be one of many great vehicles to exhibit my passion and growing knowledge to finance and markets and hopefully in doing so I may get my knowledge out into the community. If I get some free time out of my NZQA Scholarship exams I will be looking to do the Achievement Standards to further enhance my profile.

Thanks again,


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