What is the skull and bones club at Yale?

I heard George Bush was in it!

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Skull and Bones is Yale’s most famous “secret society”. The next most famous/prestigious societies at Yale are the “landed societies”. Because landed societies have their own “tombs” (they’re basically elaborate clubhouses) and significant financial resources, they tend to have an allure that other societies don’t. Nonetheless, all societies are in a position to choose members via a “tap” (i.e. interview) process. About a third of seniors at Yale join secret societies, and these groups usually meet on Thursdays and Sundays. Although it varies from society to society, Thursdays are typically spent socializing, while Sundays are reserved for “bios” (during which members tell their life stories). Another thing that varies is a society’s level of secrecy. Societies like Skull and Bones are highly secretive, whereas other societies are quite relaxed. Rather than discussing the mystery behind societies, Yale’s campus tends to debate the equity of the tap process, and, whether membership is essential to the “Yale experience”.

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