What is like to play varsity lacrosse?

I’m thinking about applying as a student athlete for lacrosse - what is day-to-day life like? Thanks!

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Personally I’ve had a fantastic experience being a student-athlete on the lacrosse team. Like being on any college sports team, you’re immediately introduced to 50 guys that you most likely share interests with. Obviously there is going to be a good amount of difference in an individuals experience with playing lacrosse according to which league or division your college is in. As long as you really love lacrosse and are ready for some punishment in terms of long practices, runs, and workouts theres really nothing that can go wrong.

Typically lacrosse teams are the kids on campus that are known to drink exceptionally heavily, this of course differs from school to school but generally seems to be pretty consistent from my experience. I would consider this and if your personality doesn’t fit around this maybe put some more thought into it. I’ve had teammates that refused to drink but would still come out to parties and what not and still have fun, but this is rare.

After a recruit visits campus, my coach will ask if we think he fits the ‘vibe’ of our team, I think this is pretty common throughout college lacrosse teams because coaches want to know if the kid will enjoy himself on the team and not be an outcast who eventually quits and ends up making the recruiting class weaker. So, my biggest piece of advice regarding this question is to do a college visit and stay a night with one of the players, meet the coach, try to meet as many of the players as possible, ask about the teams vibe, how hard are practices, is it all worth it there, and if a party is happening go out with the team but don’t get so drunk you don’t remember most of the night.

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