What can I do to gain accreditation in Finance?


For the past 18 months I’ve been passionately learning technical analysis, and now is the time I need to definitely start developing my extracurricular profile (I’m Year 12).

I’ve thought about approaching PieFunds or FNZC (which are wealth management firms with offices in Hawkes Bay) to work with them in any capacity - whether that be an internship or anything else they have available.

Last week, I launched LAS Charting ( which is a website which I’ll be posting my commentary on technical analysis with a primary focus on equities.

I also interviewed for the Tuki Tuki Youth MP (didn’t get the job) a few weeks ago.

My NCEA is fine (Excellence endorsements and all, and multiple scholarship exams next year), but the biggest barrier I see is gaining accreditation in what I’m passionate about - markets, finance, and investing for my extracurriculars.

I’ve talked to numerous NZ representatives at multiple universities I’m looking at (Ivy League, NYU, UCLA) and they all say - do what you’re passionate about. For me, that’s markets. But how do I translate that passion onto my application?

Thank you

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Hey! I was and continue to be extremely passionate about Finance and it was a core theme in my application. A number of our student, now at Harvard, Stanford etc., used an interest in finance as a core theme in their application. The types of accreditation strategies we will use vary on the specific schools you are considering but generally we will need to pursue a number of strategies around relevant academic research, specific online certifications, well-recognized competitions and scaling of initiatives in this domain as well as internship opportunities. What is important for the application is what you actually get done rather than what you apply for as you know - a number of students, for example, were supported by us to work at one of New Zealand’s top fund-of-funds business as the first high school student to achieve this feat through our relationships.

Can you fire me an email at and attach a CV with all this material, your academic results and I will arrange a call with you with one of our advisors from Goldman Sachs and they will give you some insights on what to do next to bridge your interests with Ivy League candidacy - cheers

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