What are my next steps in being applicable to an Ivy League scholarship as an international student?

I am a 16 year old female student attending a Cambridge college in New Zealand. I have recently switched from NCEA to Cambridge as I wish make it to Ivy League level when I am older. As I have joined the college part way through the year there is currently very little leadership opportunities, but moving forward from next year what should be my next steps? I am strongly english and global based and wish to help make positive change when I am older, I do not have specific career plan but have always been intrigued by areas such as law, journalism, and working for an organisation such as UN Women and UNICEF. I currently do no extra curricular activities besides sport and waitressing. The AS courses I have selected for next year are English Literature, History, Global Perspectives and Psychology. I am confident in my ability to achieve high marks, in my midterms/mocks I achieved all A’s (ICGSE) with the exception of maths which was a C as I am in core. I just sat one of your practice SAT’s and scored 1200/1600 and am confident I can improve. Any advice would be extremely appreciated, next steps, possible/necessary courses, possible extra curricular ideas, realistic expectations as a late starter/international student, what I must have achieved come application time or anything else. Thank you so much!

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