Wharton UPenn. Do I have a chance?

IB predicted 42, SAT 1510, All A* in IGCSE. Citizen of SG

Selected out of 47 applicants to be in Student Council: Improving financial literacy in school, organizing whole school events, 2800+ Students.

I am doing a social project, partnering with a local grocery chain, using behavioural economics specifically ‘nudges’ to improve healthy eating.

Internship at a B2B procurement and sponsorship business (3 months): Conducted market research, go-to-market strategy planning, marketing/business development for platform expansion to B2C and B2B customers, Planned a snack box subscription initiative and mystery gift bag initiative, did customer targeting, brainstormed ideas, and proposed specific timelines, goals, strategies to execute the initiative efficiently. Collaborated in building a SaaS blockchain platform that enables F&B merchants to accurately calculate carbon footprint and emissions, as well as offer AI recommendations to reduce any food waste generated.

MUN, been doing it for 6 years: Dep-Sec-Gen, co-organised a MUN conference (145 attendees). Gained personal awards

Co-founded a economics talk forum, 50+ attendance, invited speakers, taking about digital economy, game theory etc.

This is just some of the key stuff…

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Hello! There are a huge variety of factors taken into consideration in an application, which your Crimson strategist would discuss with you in great depth to assess your candidacy as accurately as possible. You may wish to check out this profile of UPenn’s Class of 2026 to get an idea as to how some of your data compares: Incoming Class of 2026 | Penn Admissions (


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