To any successful people out there, What were you like at high school?

What aspects did you enjoy? How were you viewed by you peers? Did you always know you were going to be successful?

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Thank you for your question,

In order to be successful and to “plan to be successful” from as early as high school, you have to be prepared to live a different lifestyle to your peers and as a result, to cop a degree of alienation from them. While others are very much focused in their high school years on meeting new girls/boys, finding the right group of friends etc, if you are driving for success at a young age like I was, your interests will be more focussed on self-development and attaining new skills (both academic and non-academic).

However, this process itself is a very enjoyable process. Year after year, you see yourself making significant progress towards the goal you have set yourself which is very worthwhile. Finding a passion from a young age is something that does not come by very often and so if you have one now, cherish it!

Did I always know I was going to be successful? Of course not! Just like anything, the success of your future is plagued by so many uncertainties and it is your hard work and grit that slowly eliminate these uncertainties along the way. If you find a passion, pursue the passion and never give it up, I’m sure that success will be waiting on the other side!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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