Saint Kentigern College scholarships at Year 7?

Anybody had experience to be awarded a scholarship when entering year 7 at Saint Kentigern College? How good you have to be academically for a partial or full scholarship at year 7 entrance?

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I received a scholarship to the College, but I entered at Year 9. However, I’d be surprised if the process was too different.

For a partial scholarship, it’s not overly difficult. 50% is harder to attain than 25% - I know quite a few students who received 25% scholarships: they would’ve probably been in the Top 10% of their class when they received the scholarship (though many dropped down as they got older - it’s extremely hard to have a scholarship revoked I believe).

For the 50%, it’s a bit harder - I know of only 3 in my year group (of around 300 students). Hope that gives some context.

I don’t know of anyone who got a full scholarship for academics. I would hesitantly say that they aren’t given (based on this), but I don’t speak for the school.

(The above is relevant only for pure academic - I know of a few kids who got 50% for more holistic scholarships)


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