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So, I became an author at the age of 16 by publishing my non fictional book, Unknown Man- E. It took me 2 years to do the research. The book became India’s first research book based on an Egyptian Mummy, awarded by India book of records and Asia Book of records. Now I have 2 questions:

  1. To which extent will this effect my application?
  2. I am also to achieve my doctorate degree from World Record University. How much will this effect my chances of being accepted and get a scholarship?

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  1. it will definitely count as a substantial extra-curricular activity but won’t by itself compensate for very weak grades
  2. can you clarify are you trying to do a PhD while in high school?

Thank you for replying.
Firstly, I have great grades in school. I have straight A+(s) in all my subjects.
I am not actually doing PhD. My book was my thesis and world record university will grant me Honorary Doctorate Degree for my Research paper and World records for the same. I will be working online with the Oxford Professors on my thesis as a part of this program. I will be legally allowed to use the prefix Dr. before my name.


World Record University is not recognized as a legitimate university in the United Kingdom, unfortunately. [](See this page)
Therefore, a PhD awarded by that university will not help you in US or UK admissions.


Thank you for researching yourself.
It is not registered as a university but as a record office, with its registered offices in UK, India, Vietnam and USA. However it does not offer PhD but Honorary Doctorate which is conferred as “Honoris Causa” i.e “a cause to be honored”. It is strictly based on the achievement and accomplishment of an individual duly certified by a record book. It is not based on academic or research related work. It still makes you eligible to use prefix Dr. legally

Would love to know your views for the same. Cause I have been told by many that it is a golden opportunity.

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