Opinnion Journalism as an extra-curricular

Hi There,

I am currently a student in New Zealand who is interested in Economics and Finance. I originally come from Nepal and moved to New Zealand when I was 11 months old. However, I still read and know about politics in Nepal.

I have recently thought about writing an editorial piece in one of the biggest newspaper producers in Nepal on a monthly basis. In the editorial piece, I would analyse movements in Nepalese politics and apply the perspective I have gained from living in New Zealand to my editorials.

I was wondering what impact this would have on my common application and how highly admissions officers would rate this in the common app process. Please let me know. Thank you.

Kind Regards

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Hi Robin,

This sounds like a fabulous extra-curricular activity; it would great in your Common App activities section. The best case would be if this activity doesn’t exist in a vacuum; in other words, that you do other activities related either to journalism or (preferably) to the study of Nepalese politics and being a Nepalese immigrant in NZ. Remember: the more thematic connections that run through your Common Application, the more consistent a picture of you admission officers will get, and the better they’ll be able to determine if you are a good fit. Moreover, when you have that kind of thematic or activity-based through-line in your app, AO’s admire the expertise and focus required—that’s a plus as well.


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