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  1. What are the easiest scholarships ( taking the least time to prepare)
    2 And also how would you prepare for scholarship subjects like agriculture and horticultural science or earth and space science , if the school is not providing such subject ?
    ( any books or resources ? )

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Hi there,

This completely depends on what your aptitudes and strengths and interests are, but what I’ve found is that the subjects that take the least time to prepare are usually:

  • Stats
  • Geography
  • Earth and Space Science
  • PE

In terms of preparation for those two, I’d firstly look through the level 3 content (particularly for EaSS). This can be done by looking through a textbook, or visiting a website like where they list all of the subject content and then provide some links to get started.


Thanks for the imformation.:smiley::smiley:
But are there any resources that is in the part of a textbook of any syllabus.
And also any books for scholarship chemistry, Biology, Physics which could be helpful towards my preparation. For scholarship chemistry my school uses Advanced Chemistry published by Oxford. Are there any other books like that for the other science subjects.


For Earth and Space Science there is the Level 3 ESA textbook and AME workbooks, but I think reading widely is the most important for this - so taking some of the key content you need to know and reading about it in different situations (looking up stuff online is a great way). The exam is going to only test Level 3 knowledge but in unfamiliar situations, so the more you read (outside textbooks) the better prepared you are.

The important thing to remember is that these exams test the Level 3 knowledge (for the most part) in unfamiliar situations. So if you want to do well in these exams, you don’t want to limit yourself to textbooks of content.

Other books that are useful for Scholarship Chem/Bio/Physics would be the AME workbooks - these have brief notes and practice questions for you to try.

If you have time though, you’re better off solidifying Level 3 content and then doing at least 10 years worth of past papers than you are reading textbooks from other curricula.

If you really want textbooks then you can use the books published for A level Chem/Phys/Bio or check out sites like which is basically the content of A level chemistry on a website.


Thanks for the information.


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