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I am a student interested in medicine and I am in a dilemma whether I want to go to the US or UK.
One particular thing I have been looking for when doing my research is where is it shorter. Some sources have told me the US take 2-3 years less however I have heard vice-versa as well.

Hence, I am wondering,
Does it take fewer years to become a doctor in the US or the UK?

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Med in the US is Postgraduate only so while the medical degree itself is shorter, you would need to complete a 4 year Undergraduate degree first. The UK has direct entry medicine which means you can enter direct from high school and complete in 5-6 years so the UK will be faster for sure. Both the US and UK are very competitive for international students so keep your mind open to applying to Australia and New Zealand which are 5-6 years long too but far easier to get into. If you want to have a chat to one of our advisors about the pathways, visit our website and book in a consultation and they can walk you through the whole process.


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