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What is the strangest marketing experience you ever did?

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Thanks very much for this question! I would not describe the experience I’m about to share as strange but perhaps, ‘fascinating’. In a previous role as PR Manager which also oversaw marketing responsibilities, the company I worked for wanted to assess how our customers were experiencing our product and service, with a hope to increase their long-term satisfaction with us. We ran surveys and then invited participants to be part of a focus group which was facilitated by an independent research group. We studied how the group was responding to questions asked about the product and service. We studied the words customers in the focus group were using to describe the brand experience, and we also analysed their initial expectations. From there, we were able to refine the language we used when promoting our product and service that resonated with customers. We also set expectations up clearly so that they were realistic, and customers were likely to engage with the service for longer, seeing better results over a longer period. This was a fascinating experience that emphasised the importance of understanding customer expectations and the power of effective language.

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