Looking to go to Med School but unsure of what subjects to take

I am really interested in attending university to become a doctor as I love helping people and admire the work doctors perform. I understand it is a tough course.

I was wondering if physics in AS/A level is important for UoA or Otago. I am taking biology and chemistry and was wondering if I should also take physics.

The workload, however, is obviously increased with seven subjects and I am curious whether or not it would be worth taking as I understand there are preparatory physics courses over December/January run by the universities.

I am wondering if taking it would “make or break” my acceptance/achievement. Thank you.

I was also looking to ask if it is a good idea to take scholarship English in year 12 and what plays/literature I should familiarise myself with if I intend to succeed. Thanks again crimson for providing this exceptional service as it is hard to find this degree of expertise and help with uni prep (particularly in NZ)

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Both UoO Health science and UoA Biomedical science first year consists of a core physics paper. However, while you are not required to do physics as a pre-requisite to enter into these courses (only have to meet the points required) it would benefit you to do physics at an AS level as it will provide you with a foundation on physics.

However, having said that, it definitely is not a subject that will ‘make or break’ your acceptance into first year of Health science or biomed. As long as you are able to meet the point requirements and have subjects in both Tables A and B you will be able to gain entrance without doing physics at an A2 level. If you wish to avoid physics at University as a premed, Health Science at UoA is an option since there are no physics papers for this course.


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