Jamie Beaton study schedule?

Hello Jamie, I know that you did 10(?) A-levels in high school, and I would like to know your general study schedule that made this possible- in particular the amount of time you studied, any specific methods you had etc. Thanks!

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Here was my schedule.

Year 10 - October/November

  • IGCSE English Language
  • IGCSE Mathematics

Year 11 - October/November

  • AS Thinking Skills
  • AS Mathematics
  • IGCSE Biology
  • IGCSE Chemistry
  • IGCSE French
  • IGCSE Physics
  • IGCSE English Literature

Year 12 October/November

  • A2 Thinking Skills
  • A2 Mathematics
  • AS Biology
  • AS Chemistry
  • AS French
  • AS Physics
  • AS English Literature
  • AS English Language
  • AS Economics

Year 13 May/June

  • AS Business Studies
  • AS Global Perspectives
  • AS General Paper
  • A2 Thinking Skills

Year 13 October/November

  • A2 Further Mathematics
  • A2 Biology
  • A2 Chemistry
  • A2 French
  • A2 Physics
  • A2 English Literature
  • A2 Business Studies
  • NZQA Scholarship Media Studies, Geography, Calculus, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, English, Physical Education, Statistics, Earth and Space Science

I had a couple of key strategies.

The first was my heavy use of tutoring. I used tutors in further maths, biology, chemistry, physics, french, UMAT and english. I was ranked first in most of my subjects but I used tutoring to compress my learning time for these subjects from 140 hours down to 30-40 hours. I think it a waste of time sitting in a room stuck on a question a lot of the time and having a tutor walk you through challenges speeds things up dramatically. Furthermore, you need to make sure you are studying from the right resources and are best using your time. Having fast feedback from tutors to enable you I can recommend you epic tutors for each of these areas if you fire me an email with your subjects at

The second was my use of class time A lot of the time at high school, you sit in a class and aren’t doing much because you already understand the concepts (or had learnt them previously with your independent study or tutor in my case). This time can be used to study other content. i would often do economics study, for example, in biology to save time.

The third was being very focused on past-papers and the exact content required for the test - Most teachers don’t teach entirely based on what you need to master the content for the exam. This creates a lot of inefficiency. When I am studying for an exam, I will relentlessly focus on the mark schedule and the past paper content so I am practicing exactly what the test demands and the skills necessary for success rather than unnecessary content.

The fourth was a rigorous sleep schedule studying when tired is very inefficient. It is harder to absorb content and harder to think of new ideas for classes like English essay when writing essays. Where possible try to maintain a consistent and full 7-8 hours of sleep to make sure you can be maximizing your learning throughout the day.

Their are some ideas for you and I have lots more for personal circumstances of specific types of learners. Feel free to follow up with more tips

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