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I am a junior in high school and have excellent grades in all my classes. However, I dont have too many extracurriculars. Is it necessary to have extracurriculars for admission to an Ivy League? What can I do now to add to my profile?

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Hey there! As someone who knows the Ivy League admissions process inside out, let me tell you that having excellent grades is awesome, but it’s not the only thing these top-notch schools are looking for. Ivy League schools, like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, want students who are not just academically smart, but also well-rounded with interests and skills in different areas.

No worries, though! You’ve still got time as a high school junior to work on your extracurricular game. Check out these tips:

  1. Do what you love: Get involved in activities you’re really into. It’s easier to show how passionate you are about something if you genuinely enjoy it.
  2. Be a leader: Try to score leadership roles or start your own projects in clubs, organisations, or your community. Ivy League schools love students who step up and make things happen.
  3. Go for depth: Instead of spreading yourself thin across many activities, focus on a few that truly matter to you. Ivy League admissions teams appreciate depth of achievement, so work towards making a significant impact or earning recognition in your chosen areas.
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