How likely am I to get into an Ivy League?

I am a student in the United States and a junior in high school. I’m part of a college program where I take 3-4 college classes each semester from junior to senior year on top of some high school courses. The program is at my local community college. I have an above 4.0 gpa, have a high SAT, I work, and am involved in the student government. What can I do to get into the Ivy League and study economics?

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Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved thus far, as a result of your hard work!

It seems that you’re on the right path with all of the basic ingredients for success:

  • Rigorous curriculum of college-preparatory and dual enrollment courses
  • Strong SAT score
  • Great GPA
  • Good foundation in extracurricular activities

If you’re hoping to study economics in college, we’d recommend not only taking high level math, economics, social science coursework in high school, but also participating in high level extracurricular activities related to these fields, notably competitions and clubs if possible!

If you’d like to learn more about your candidacy assessment, please feel free to email for a quick conversation about where you stand!


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