How does the different school year work?

I live in Australia and the school year is different to the ones in the US and the Uk, so how does that work in terms of applications and stuff? Because my grades come out at different times and the whole school year is different, I’m really confused about when to take the SATs and do the applications.

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For UK entrance you will need to apply in the application session starting September/October of the year you complete your studies in Australia. You will then start your university studies in September/October of the year after you graduate. You will include predictions rather than grades achieved in your application and the universities then give you an offer conditional on how well you actually do in your ATAR (or other syllabus). You will also need to do SATS in advance of applying to US universities - so also during your final year of school. It is possible to apply in both systems after you graduate but that would leave you with a very long gap of nearly 2 years between finishing school and starting college.

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