How does NCAA Field Hockey compare to New Zealand hockey?

I’m an aspiring player in New Zealand - how good do I need to be to play in the U.S.?

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Depending on what level you are looking to play in, it will vary. I will skip details regarding division 3 because they do not other athletic scholarships. For division 2 you do not have to be a national player (New Zealand Representative). You can be a regional player which means you could be playing for North Harbour, Auckland, Canterbury or whatever region you are in. It will come down to your results with your team and also your individual stats and skillset. Your recruitment video will show the coach what kind of player you are so that will dictate a lot of the replies you receive from the coaches end. For NCAA Division 1, you can still be a regional player however it will come down to where the University is ranked nationally within field hockey. If you are looking into the top 30 then being on the National level as a representative of your country will help. However, do not be discouraged if you are not. As mentioned before, your individual skill set is a big factor in this, so the recruitment video is a crucial factor and also how you are put out there to be seen by the coaches. If you can play in a strong regional team or school team where you win many tournaments and possibly national events, then you are just as attractive as national squad members. So if your goal is just to be able to play in the college system with a scholarship, then it is not hard to find a school. If you are aiming for top schools for field hockey with good scholarship, then you have to be decent and receive the correct advice from people to help you prepare you for your recruitment process. This process is daunting by yourself so having the right support is imperative!


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