How do I stand out in my situation?

Hi guys I am an international sophomore I am planning to study at America; engineering in Electronic/Computer science. What extracurriculars can I do that make my application outstanding?
Also, I love math and physics and I am outstanding in both in my school, so do you have any suggestions on how I can be outstanding on my college app especially if I want to apply to Ivys?
I will be glad to hear your advises

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Your extracurriculars are an important part of your application to US universities. The Common App has space to enter up to 10 extracurriculars. While you don’t need 10 activities, it is important to show consistency in your extracurricular commitments. That means joining and continuing to grow within a club or activity.

When it comes to Computer Science, you can participate in some form of coding/development activity. Crimson Global Academy offers a variety of clubs and activities online that you can join easily. Through the club you can develop a portfolio to show your engineering/coding skills. Participating in sports teams or student government is also always a good idea.

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