How can I do things to better my chances of getting into a good school

It’s my spring semester as a sophomore and I’m starting around it with a c+ average I really regret my freshman year I wasn’t taking much seriously and I want to higher my gpa and higher my chances of getting into a good college how can I do this to with the rest of my highschool years

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Identifying that you want to improve is a great starting point! The road from here onward will be challenging however with good time management and a lot of work on your part, it is possible to improve your GPA. What’s more is that colleges love a comeback story so if you can make plans to take rigorous courses, improve your grades by taking on tutoring or staying after school for more help, and even looking to add to your profile by taking language exams, AP exams, etc. you can really prove that you’re serious about improving your GPA.


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