Graduating with a bachelor and a master

Is it possible to graduate with a bachelor and a master? Does it take longer? What is it like?
(Specific question: Can you do this at the M&T Program: get its degree and get an MBA at the same time?)

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Yes, you can. This is exactly what I did at Harvard doing a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science. Typically this program takes 5 year if done separately or 4 years if combined. In my case, I did this in 3 using some A Levels and taking 4 courses/semester.

At Wharton you can do sub-matriculation: If you take enough classes/semester to meet all the requirements, it would be technically possible with M&T although you can check with your advisor. M&T has very few electives given the high number of requirements for both degrees but with the extra year and maybe a couple of extra courses here and there this should be achievable. Crush it!

" A student may obtain a Bachelor of Science in Economics and an MBA in five years, Bachelor of Science in Economics and a PhD in seven years, or a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a JD in six years. Students interested in the submatriculation option apply during their junior year. If accepted, during the fourth year of college a submatriculating student takes a different series of courses from regular students. Students interested in any of the submatriculation programs should see an academic advisor during the sophomore year to design the appropriate program of study.

Students who submatriculate into the Law School take all of their first-year law courses during the fourth year of college and then complete their Wharton requirements during the second and third years of law school.

Students who submatriculate into the MBA or doctoral programs take a series of courses combining both undergraduate and graduate study, so that the senior year of college also functions as the first year of graduate school.

To qualify for submatriculation, students must achieve an outstanding grade point average during the first three years of college, score well on the appropriate qualifying examination (the GMAT for the MBA program, GMAT or GRE for the PhD programs, and the LSAT for the Law School) and demonstrate preparation for the academic and social demands of graduate school. Applicants for submatriculation must meet eligibility requirements and have the approval of the Wharton Undergraduate Division. The admissions offices of the graduate schools involved make admissions decisions for their programs.

Advanced students may also submatriculate in master’s and PhD programs in other schools, including Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and the Fels Institute of Government. Students should consult individual programs for information."

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