Getting into Medicine Oxbridge as IB student from Australia

IB subjects do not currently include HL Chemistry but I will change if I can, do include Maths Studies and HL Biology.

Not sure about UMAT (it’s in two days). Trying to have other options.

I know that BMAT exists but how do you prepare for it?

Any other tips and advice?

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Math Studies is a bit dangerous. I would generally recommend HL Maths for Oxbridge Medicine.

The U.K. doesn’t use the UMAT.

The BMAT Section 1 tests problem solving, understanding argument, and data analysis and inference.

Section 2 is based on the knowledge typically included in non-specialist school Science and Mathematics courses. It tests your ability to apply this knowledge – possibly in unfamiliar contexts.

Some past papers are available online. If you want me to take a closer look at your candidacy send me your IB subjects in full and academic results from last year to and I can tell you which schools are achievable

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