General questions about applying for US schools from Australia

I’m in Australia and I know I need to take the SATs to apply for American schools, but how does the GPA work?

I’m currently a grade 9, I’ve been getting straight As and well aboves (my state changed it to a nine-point scale grading system last year) in pretty much all my subjects since grade 6. I don’t do much extra curriculars as my school is horrible and doesn’t offer much, but I’ve been doing volunteering since the age of 9. I live in a rural area and go to a horrible public high school that doesn’t offer much, so what do you think are my chances of getting into an Ivy League?

Also will ATAR score matter?

Thanks a lot!

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G’day! As an international student it can be a little confusing translating local curriculum scores into the US University League Landscape. Here’s some detail which might be helpful to you:

US colleges use a 4.0 GPA scale, which is different from the nine-point scale you’ve got. When you apply, they’ll convert your Australian grades to the US system, so don’t stress about that part. Just keep up those fantastic grades!

One way to make sure you’re on the right track is to consider a mentorship program like ours at Crimson Education. We specialize in helping international students navigate the complex US college admissions process. With personalized guidance from experienced mentors, you can make sure your application is the best it can be, and that you’re targeting the right schools and programs for your goals.

Now, about your extracurriculars: it’s awesome that you’ve been volunteering since you were 9! That shows dedication and commitment, which Ivy League schools value. Keep exploring opportunities outside your school, too. They understand that not all schools offer the same resources, so focus on what you can do in your community.

As for your chances of getting into an Ivy League, it’s hard to say for sure. Admissions are competitive and depend on a lot of factors. But with strong grades, SAT scores, and a solid application, you’re definitely in the game!

Good luck on your journey to US college admissions!


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