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I’m currently a 10 year student in Australia and I’m thinking about going to university in America. I’m not a very sport oriented person, but currently I do swimming, debating, duke of ed and round square at school, however it’s not at any higher level or representative level. Is it enough in order to get admitted into an ivy league university or do I need to do other activities?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,

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Hi Siya,

Thanks for your message. This isn’t enough to get admitted into an Ivy League or equivalent university but the good news is that you asked this question now and not when you are in Grade 12!

Most students applying to the US will have 1-2 core competencies and 8 other activities over the course of four years that meet various characteristics. What you focus on and the level of achievement necessary varies based on the competitive pool of where you are applying. Australia is getting more competitive and many of Crimson’s recent admits have had very strong extra-curricular profiles alongside 99+ ATAR scores. They didn’t all start that way though or anywhere close!

Please send me an email at and cc with your CV, current academic grades and more detail on what level of DoE (bronze, silver or gold), role within round square, what debating you have done and a list of your current academic interests and social impact areas you have thought about. From there, we can evaluate what are some promising focus areas and if you could be potentially competitive for a strong US university with the amount of time we have remaining.


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