Do I have the chance?

I’m currently a grade 11 student, so there is less than 9 months until the ED1 deadline. I don’t have such that a good ECs or honors. Do I have the chance to enhance my application in that time and got admitted?

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Hey there, future Ivy Leaguer! :mortar_board: Don’t worry, you’ve still got time to enhance your application before that deadline sneaks up on you. In just 9 months, there’s plenty you can do to boost your extracurriculars and honors game. Let’s dive into a few tips that can help you on your journey.

  1. Strengthen your ECs: It’s never too late to get involved in clubs, organizations, or activities that genuinely interest you. Focus on quality over quantity – it’s better to excel in a few areas than spread yourself too thin. A mentor can guide you on which ECs to pursue and how to showcase your passion.

  2. Take on leadership roles: Showcasing leadership skills can give your application a major boost. Seek out opportunities to lead projects or organize events within your existing clubs or activities. Leadership coaches, like the ones at Crimson, can help you develop your leadership abilities and make the most of these opportunities.

  3. Pursue your passions outside of school: Embrace your hobbies or interests outside of the classroom. Start a blog, create a YouTube channel, or volunteer in your community. Extracurricular and passion project experts can help you brainstorm, strategize, and launch your own unique initiatives.

  4. Seek academic honors: Aim to excel in your coursework and consider participating in academic competitions. Reach out to your teachers for guidance and support. Tutors and academic mentors, can help you prepare and excel in these competitions, setting you apart from the competition.

  5. Ace your standardized tests: A strong SAT/ACT score can help compensate for any shortcomings in your ECs or honors. Invest time in preparing for these exams, and consider enrolling in test prep courses for personalized guidance and support.

Remember, the Ivy League admissions process is holistic, so make sure to emphasize your unique qualities in your application. Reach out to us for assistance in all these areas, and get ready to make your dream a reality! :star2:

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