Completing MOOCs

Hi Crimson!

I’m a Year 13 NZ student.

I’ve taken an Investopedia course, 1 EdX course and I’m looking to finish atleast about 5 other Coursera and EdX courses throughout the year to advance my passion towards Finance, Economics and Politics.

Is there any point in doing this from an admissions standpoint, and would taking MOOCs from platforms like Investopedia, EdX, and Coursera supplement an extracurricular profile?

Thank you!

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Before doing all of these, I would ask - how is your high school grades going? Are you heading towards Dux? Are you doing NZQA scholarship subjects?

MOOCs etc are icing on the cake but your foundations have to be strong. What is your SAT score? What are your subject test scores?

I would hazard a guess that you are prioritizing these courses over crushing high school where the real competition is at. Feel free to fire me grades to if you want me to have a look.

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